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AEA Supports Invest in Education Initiative

May 12, 2018

The Invest in Education citizen’s initiative will make sure everyone pays their fair share so that Arizona students have the schools they deserve. This initiative will voter protect nearly $700 million new dollars, which will be deposited into the Classroom Site Fund. Sixty percent of this dedicated revenue will be used for teacher salary increases, and forty percent dedicated to reducing class size, full-day kindergarten, and making sure students have access to nurses, counselors, and other support staff who are critical to student success. 

Since 1892, Arizona Education Association has been the voice and advocate for public school students, staff, and teachers throughout the state. The AEA Board of Directors voted to support the Invest in Education initiative on April 24, 2018, and AEA delegates voted to support the ballot measure on May 12, 2018.

As educators, Arizona’s students are at the center of everything we do. As trained professionals, we always do what is best for our students and schools. We know that our students need one-on-one attention, up-to-date textbooks, and well-maintained buildings with working air conditioning. 

We know that to succeed, students need to have the schools they deserve. 

A look inside Arizona’s schools reveals legislative neglect years in the making—outdated textbooks held together by rubber bands, rodent-infested classrooms, broken down technology, and more. Class sizes are increasing, classrooms are stocked with obsolete resources, and school conditions have deteriorated.

The path forward is to take matters into our own hands. That’s why thousands of educators hit the streets during the hot summer months to collect enough signatures to get the Invest in Education initiative on the ballot. 

The Arizona Education Association requests that you stand with our students and educators and vote yes on the Invest in Education Initiative.

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