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AEA Fund for Public Education

Congratulations, Arizona voters, on passing Prop 206 and supporting healthy students and their families! 

The AEA Fund for Public Education is the political action committee of the Arizona Education Association to support candidates who support our public schools. ONLY current or retired AEA members, AEA and Affiliate executive and managerial staff and their families may be solicited to contribute to the AEA Fund to help elect AEA's recommended candidates. The AEA Fund may NOT accept contributions from the general public.

  • We need your help to support candidates and ballot initiatives that support our public schools.



  • aea fund on the issues

    AEA supports ballot measures that are good for schools, students, and our state and oppose those that would harm public education.  View AEA’s position on ballot measures.




AEA Board Supports Prop. 206
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